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Nonwoven Fiber Insole Board

Nonwoven Fiber Insole Board

Nonwoven Fiber Insole Board Supplier in China! 


WINIW supply all kinds of high quality Fiber Insole BoardNonwoven Insole BoardStrobel Insole Fabric, Stitch Bonded Nonwoven Insole Board and Stitch Bonded Nonwoven Insole Fabric for shoes. 

WINIW Nonwoven Fiber Insole Board is usually used as insoles of sprots shoes, working shoes, casual shoes, leather shoes, mens & womens shoes, etc.

Specification of WINIW Nonwoven Fiber Insole Board:

1. Material: Polyester Staple Fiber.

2. Technics: Nonwoven Needle Punch.

3. Thickness: 1.0mm-3.5mm, usually 1.25mm, 1.5mm, 1.75mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm.

4. Color: White, Black, Grey, Yellow, Pink, or customerized.

5. Size: 1m*1.5m or 36"*54", or customerized.

Features of WINIW Nonwoven Fiber Insole Board:

1. Good hardness.

2. Excellent Elasticity and Folding Resistance.

3. Good tear strength and break strength.

4. Very competitive Price.

5. Timely delivery.

6. Good service.



Pictures of WINIW Nonwoven Fiber Insole Board:


Nonwoven Fiber Insole Board


Insole Board supplier


Nonwoven Fiber Insole Board supplier





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