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Stitch Bonded Nonwoven Fabrics

Stitch Bonded Nonwoven Fabrics

Winiw Stitch Bond Nonwoven Fabrics is made of recycled PET water bottles, usually used for making shoes, Eco-friendly shopping bags, home textiles, construction fabrics, geotextiles fabrics, etc.

Specification of Stitch Bond Nonwoven Fabrics:

1. Material: Polyester.

2. Gram Weight: 60gsm-400gsm.

3. Thickness: 0.4mm-1.2mm.

4. Width: 1.37m, 1.4m, 1.45m, Max 2.9m.

5. Color: White, Black, Grey, or customized.

Features of Stitch Bond Nonwoven Fabrics:

1. Good tensile strength and tear strength.

2. Excellent breathability.

3. Eco-friendly.

4. Timely delivery.

5. Very Competitive Price!



Applictions of WINIW Stitch Bonded Nonwoven Fabrics in footwear industry:

1. Shoe Lining Material;

2. Shoe Insole Material;

3. Reinforcement Material;

4. Backing Material.

Applications of Winiw Stitch Bonded Nonwoven Fabrics in other industry:

1. Home textiles, for mattress, curtain, sofa backing fabric, etc.

2. Industrial fabrics, for cable & wire packings, pipeline packing, etc.

3. Construction fabrics, for waterproof roofing fabrics, etc.

4. Geotextiles.

5. Packing fabrics, for Eco Shopping Bags, etc.