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Microfiber for Shoes Upper

Microfiber for Shoes Upper

  Microfiber for shoes upper!


 WINIW Microfiber, or Microfiber Leather, is the highest quality grade synthetic leather faux leather, same looks and same hand feel as genuine leather, even better physical and chemical performance, superior durability, is the best leather alternative material and optimal substitute of leather, can replace genuine leather perfectly!

WINIW micro fiber leathermicrofiber suede leathermicrofiber nubuck leatherPU leather and other high quality synthetic shoe leather specialized for sports shoes upper, casual shoes upper, leather shoes upper, lady shoes upper, boots upper, safety shoes upper, etc.



Specification of WINIW Microfiber for Shoes Upper:

1. Thickness: 0.6mm - 2.2mm.

2. Width: 1.37m.

3. Color: all colors available.

4. Style: full grain, crazy horse, wipe focal, oil wax, suede, nubuck, etc.

5. Packing: roll packing, 30/50 meters per roll.



Some pictuers of WINIW Microfiber for Shoes Upper:


Microfiber for shoe upper


Microfiber shoes upper materials


Microfiber for shoes upper


Microfiber for safety shoes upper


Microfiber suede leather for shoes upper








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