Wenzhou Footwear export recovers further in October

According to Wenzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Statistics, in October this year, Wenzhou footwear exports to 44.68 million pairs, the value of $ 273 million, representing an increase of 6.76% and 7.48% respectively. This is following since September this year, the second consecutive monthly export volume and value year-on-year double growth in October year-on-year growth rate is significantly increased in September, the Wenzhou footwear exports further pick up. Its main features are:

First, the U.S. market is further force, the EU market for the first time to go up again. October Wenzhou 7.93 million pairs of footwear exports to the U.S., the value of $ 58.84 million, representing an increase of 38.39% and 37.48%, respectively, the amplitude of ultra further speed up; 13.3 million pairs of exports to the EU, the value of $ 80,620,000, an increase of 3.83% and 4.92%. In addition, in October, doubling the number of footwear products imported from Wenzhou of 13 countries.

Canvas shoes increase further increase leather shoes stable growth. October Wenzhou export cloth shoes of 18.31 million pairs, the value of $ 65.75 million, year-on-year growth of 22.72% and 21.57%, respectively; export 4.09 million pairs of leather shoes, the value of $ 52.9 million, an increase of 7.35% and 10.74%.

Scale enterprises stabilized significantly increase medium-sized enterprises. Wenzhou exports before October 50, the export volume of 11.21 million pairs, an increase of 0.99%; exports ranked 51-350 shoe exports reached a total of 24.22 million pairs, an increase of 9.15%, an increase significantly.