Shoe materials list | WINIW Shoe Materials Co., Ltd

Winiw Shoe Materials Co., Ltd is to be the leading supplier of shoe materials in China!

Winiw shoe materials list:

1. Shoe lining materials:

a. Cambrelle: also called cambrella, cumbrella, cambrill, Winiw supply both nylon cambrelle and PP cambrelle.

b. Needle Punched nonwoven lining.

c. Stitch bonded nonwoven lining.

d. Breathable imitation pigskin microfiber lining.

2. Shoe leather materials:

a. PU Microfiber leather.

b. Suede microfiber leather.

c. Microfiber Nubuck leather.

d. PU leather.

3. Toe puff counter materials:

a. Toe puff sheet.

b. Shoe counter stiffener materials.

c. Nonwoven chemical sheet.

4. Shoe insole materials:

a. Breathable imitation pigskin microfiber insole lining.

5. Insole board:

a. Non-woven insole board, or fiber insole board.

b. Paper insole board.

c. Strobel insole material.

6. Other shoe materials as EVA sheets and EVA rolls, nonwoven heel grip material, etc.