No chrome green ecological leather shoe material by grace

Shanghai China international footwear fair in 2010, a lot of new shoes, shoes for the audience presents a the colorful stage of footwear products. Novel programming style, excellent quality, complete varieties to let a person dazzling. All kinds of new material for the shoe industry to carry out the source power, at the fair, become the focus of a lot of professional audience to attention.


Nowadays, the commonly used shoe materials have natural leather, PU and PVC leather, superfine fiber, chemical fiber, mesh cloth, fabric (including cotton, nylon, polyester), plastic, etc. With everyone’s environmental protection consciousness and the ego to protect consciousness enhancement, various of superfine fiber goods is gaining increasing use. It is understood that at the time, has been widely abroad produce and use all kinds of polyurethane elastic fiber as a new kind of shoe materials. Of spandex fiber is a kind of unique performance, quality excellent new elastic fiber fabric shoes, it can be combined with various fibre such as cotton, polyester, silk, made into composite fabrics, used for processing the shoe fabric and elastic, etc. Commonly used natural animal leather is real leather shoes are also constantly transforming social traditions, such as to reflect the natural, self, in recent years, an elastic – lycra leather leather is becoming to be bestowed favor on newly. Who can in natural conditions in chrome green ecological leather is bestowed by all of us.


Whether on product variety, performance is still in use, since the early 20th century sole data complete industrial produce, sole materials have achieved great development. In recent years, the most impressive is the combining of sole. Nowadays, shoes materials business also presented a have extremely strong skid resistance and wear resistance of new lightweight material – pvus. PVU is using scientific formula, combined with advanced blow molding skill development and become a high-tech materials, is an improvement of traditional PU shoes materials and different, this kind of shoes material is likely to become a shoe store in the future to be bestowed favor on newly.