How to distinguish true and false leather

Popular at present, the market of two kinds of leather with leather and artificial leather, synthetic leather and artificial leather is by textile cloth base or non-woven base, polyurethane Shanghai juji respectively and made from special foaming processing, feels like real leather with appearance, but the air permeability, wear resistance, cold tolerance than leather. How differences between true and false leather?


Leather surface: natural leather surface has its special natural markings, natural leather surface luster, by hand press or knead leather surface, no dead wrinkle or fold, leather, no crack; Leather surface is like a natural leather, artificial leather, but look at the stripes are not natural, bright luster is natural leather, colour is gorgeous.


2. The leather body: natural leather, soft have patience, and imitation leather products while also very soft, but the lack of patience, when climate cold stiff leather. When hand body bending leather, natural leather QuHui natural, has good elasticity, and imitation leather products QuHui movement stiff, flexibility is poor.


3. The cutting: the cutting of natural leather color together, fiber clearly visible and close. And imitation leather products cut off without a sense of natural leather fibre, or visible at the bottom of the fiber and resin, or see bottom cloth and resin glue from cut off two layers.


4. Leather inside: natural leather on the front of the lubrication flat pores and markings. With significant fiber bundle of leather, wool shaped and uniform. And imitation leather as a part of us into the leather is not common, the luster, outside is very smooth; Is not some artificial leather, leather can see significant base cloth; But some leather in the leather surface as natural leather, leather also has villi of natural leather, this is about to observe the differences of true and false varieties.


Sheep leather: is characterized by grain pore is flat, more inclined to deepen in the leather, the pores formed a set of a few root, put much like scales or dentate. Speckle characteristics such as “water ripple”. In the sheep leather is divided into sheep leather and goat leather.


Sheep leather: the layer of fat content is more, the leather fibre is flabby, very soft, grain, detailed extensibility is bigger, but not to consolidate.


Goat leather: the layer of fat content is less, fibrous tissue than sheep leather plump, firm and durable.


The difference: the sheep leather grain detailed lubrication; Goat leather pore understand, leathery elastic. No matter the breeding sheep leather products made of clothing have beautiful patterns, natural luster and soft, thin and soft, endowed with elasticity, but the intensity of leather cattle and pig leather.


Leather material is animal skin, though let’s day is the most common in pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin, but in fact, most animals can be used in leather making every one. Only leather, pigskin and sheep are of good quality and large output, is the main material of leather.


Although tanning leather material varieties of heavy and complicated, according to the world of animals maintenance regulation, and a series of laws and regulations, real is used to produce the material by the constraints in the extent, commonly used is: leather leather cattle, sheep leather, pig leather and horsehide.