Do artificial leather fabrics tips about children’s clothes

Artificial leather is a kind of super fine fiber made from nonwoven fabric is low, contact of artificial leather, pu resin solution as leather fine to arrange the structure of the fiber characteristics, and have light, soft, breathable, waterproof, endowed with real leather handle, is not only a kind of environmental protection material, more sterile, non-toxic.


Artificial leather strengths


1) comfortable


2) price is leather is much cheaper


3) machine washable


4) environmental protection


Artificial leather cleaning method


1) artificial leather with dry cloth gently dry appearance, to dust can, if you accidentally touch the stain, use dry cloth wiped with small amount of detergent water, then dry immediately with a dry cloth.


2) can be alone with weak speed machine, hanging in a cool, well-ventilated place to dry, no sun, avoid skin fall off.


3) no dry cleaning, ironing, bleaching, drying.


Artificial leather is not real leather


The permeability of leather, artificial leather is no way can imitate, so artificial skin permeability is low, but with more warm than leather clothing. Than leather more simple, more environmentally friendly.