All maintenance methods of garment leather

A, cleaning process: Using aniline cleaner clean full aniline leather products. Second, the closing process: 1:1 with back cover agent: water mixture, craft evenly throughout the aniline leather product appearance, use hair dryer or iron will all over of aniline leather material appearance as far as possible into the leather. Or with aniline leather closed agent: water = 1:1 mixed light spray 1 to 2 times. Three, coloring process: With all kinds of dye water, according to the principle of color matching with the requirements of color, add 3 to 5 of the water. Aniline with all kinds of pigment paste, according to the required color for color matching principle. After the manufacture of dyes water: after making the aniline pigment paste: aniline diluent = 5:1:1 mix, such as have off color with aniline pigment paste. Aniline pigment paste with quantity according to the condition of full aniline leather products appropriately increase or decrease. As older, aniline pigment paste can be more appropriately, spray spray gun evenly on the leather surface has arrived in good intentions. Stripes garment leather: Wear is lax water reuse various dyes, according to the principle of color to match the stripes the deepest color, add 3 to 5 of the water. Even spraying, speckle stand now. Partial wear is reuse color finishing plan adjustable marking the light color, local spray mask, wear to hide the intention. Reoccupy disposal techniques to wear not serious protruding markings. Four, glazing process: brightener evenly sprayed all over with aniline aniline leather table surface, reach the intention of the camouflage. Five, the feel is maintenance process: with wax light oil oil moisten, lubrication handle inunction arrived.