How to judge is the true microfiber or imitation microfiber

In the process of discussion of artificial fiber, the study found that after produce finer fibers can improve product properties, but the synthetic fibre fineness are limited, and the modification of produce equipment of synthetic fiber composition adjustment is also unable to complete the break. Microfiber is to complete a new break in the process of discussion. Use advanced production technology, using chemical methods will a fiber 120 root of share out bonus of the average thickness of finer fibers, so finished produces more fine fiber break, so named “super fine fiber”. And the fabric is hollow structure, a lot of superfine fibre in PU material staggered around, make manufactured goods has excellent flexibility and strength, outstanding leather simulation structure, superfine fiber leather and leather under a microscope microscopic structure is very similar. Due to fiber with excellent structure and processing technology, which is made of superfine fiber synthetic leather has the following advantages: 1. High strength, good toughness; 2. Good uniformity, easy cutting, sewing, 3. The resistance to hydrolysis, perspiration, ageing resistance (chemical); 4. Wear resistance, bending resistance, high temperature resistant, low temperature (physical); 5. Waterproof, strong ability to resist pollution, easy to maintenance; 6. Avirulent environmental protection, tasteless, mouldproof and moth-proofing. Relative to the leather material, super fine fiber synthetic leather of these strengths make microfiber the ideal substitute for leather. Microfiber leather use more performance on the products of environmental protection. What we call the environmental protection is to point to in the process of production process and use. China is a large country, and diverse climate, microfiber leather not only suitable for the dry, cold in the north also apply to wet high temperature in the south. Because all use environmental protection data, under the condition of the pole will not smell, release of harmful substances.