Fish leather fiber performance analysis

Fish because of its leather leather leather limited lateral area afraid of small choose strap drying, flexible operation. Blade made with organic glass, pushing, pushing force can be applied to leather first moisture extrusion, together, in the process of pushing the fish leather area can be fully extended, both the injection to keep fish leather ‘capsule markings, as fish leather dry bath is a better way. Because the skin is different from other ChuPi has tiny pores, thus, strap drying, no loose pore surface defects. By to fish leather and ChuPi in collagen fiber weaving way and leather thickness difference is very big.


Different drying methods. Leather in water saturated, unlike YanFa speed and time, to the fish leather fibre can sex, handle, patience and flexibility has great influence, can directly affect the product value of fish leather products. Try face choose hang dry separation, strap, fixed in three different dry bath solution, and comment on its operating method on the quality of the fish leather. We hang qian she hung to dry bath is natural dry. Hang the made of leather and rope, with air natural activities, will be YanFa moisture away, leather leather completely natural dry bath.


Boring of fish skin leather and leather function the influence of natural dry bath is highly affected by the season, climate. The lower the temperature, dry bath speed slower, but a good leather softness, full and less capital. Natural drying fish leather, leather is soft and pliable, leather fat, after recruit Daniel feel is good, but because of the lack of tension in the process of drying, make leather fiber and right angles to the fish leather braided viewpoint, leather rate decreased. Straight shape we hang together, the leather body curled up.