How to distinguish ladies boots material good or bad

Winter arrived, ladies boots will to power. The MM should prepare for themselves a pair of boots, now we bought in small plait love taught boots at should be how to distinguish the stand or fall of boots materials.


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Should first check the information, concluded that upper varieties.


Such as using the “leather” grain surface without retouching, has the characteristics of the original natural leather, cowhide QiuKong presbyopia scrawled, irregular and more uniform; Goat leather satchel cavity rows of a “w”; Pigskin three hole piles, and the product distribution. Cow leather fibre detailed arrangement, buffalo hide coarse, MAO cavity is bulky.


About the grain layer by polishing and lose the original characteristics, should according to the processing technology, the careful classification to distinguish. Is characterized with aniline finished said, aniline leather surface have JingLiangLiang light, the light is very bright, not out there, not plastic.


Natural leather made of leather, cowhide is usually 5 ~ 6 mm thick, the surface is surface, arrange fiber, detailed lubrication beautiful, strength and wear resistance are good; Layer is the suede layer, coarse fibre, gap is big, appearance has a wool coat. First layer of leather than split leather appearance lubrication flat, split leather. Split leather finishing, moving film or film can make the appearance not see rough, low temperature resistance is poor, but moving film leather at low temperature is used as a wrinkle. Cowhide leather on the second floor flat, no significant drawbacks, after embossing and pigskin split leather usually visible three piles of MAO cavity, it shine.


Distinguish should note when corrected grain and positive leather, corrected grain is destroyed the original grain surface, and then press markings, speckle varieties can be imitated cattle, sheep, pig, etc., but striped glabrous cavity, speckle is floating on the skin surface, and the positive leather MAO cavity exists, careful observation can be identified.


Artificial leather is on the bottom base cloth coating a layer of organic material, thin sheep (imitation leather), thickness (with foaming coating of organic materials, pressed again on the markings) two type.


After synthetic leather is made of organic fiber limit, and after finishing layer embossing. Regenerated leather is the leather, leather fibre grinding slag, the adhesion, high pressure with adhesive composition sheet, and then the thickness of leather machine pills to demand, and then to finish, make it must leather characteristics, many used for luggage leather goods, a few used shoes.


Difference between leather and synthetic materials to see the appearance, the dermis bottomless, artificial data base and bottoms. Reoccupy hand, artificial material plastic feeling is very strong, the luster bright, winter hand have a cold feeling, genuine leather lubrication hands without a cold feeling. The thumb of extruded some soft, leather will present many scrawled, evenly around the thumb markings, thumbs up, speckle somehow lost; And artificial material can not striped, can also can present the thick grain, thumbs up, markings do not see, that appearance of grain layer and reticular layer below has been opened. Will also be able to distinguish real leather is artificial leather watch section, leather section was irregular fibers, with his hands under the fingernails after broken skin fiber, cross section, no significant change on leather, different parts of the grain is irregular, nose smell smelling of urine Taste, and smell and the smell of plastic or rubber, artificial leather common parts grain rules. Sticker is in natural leather leather fibre layer on surface of grassroots osteoporosis meat on artificial outside surface, can’t say “genuine leather”, but in natural leather layer as the base of synthetic leather.