Leather identification can sum up in the following ways

Is characterized with aniline finished said, aniline leather surface have JingLiangLiang light, the light is very bright, but not out there, no plastic. Natural leather made of leather, cowhide is usually 5 ~ 6 mm thick, the surface is surface, organization fiber meticulous tight tight, lubrication beautiful, strength, excellent wear resistance; Layer is the suede layer, coarse fibre, gap is big, fuzzy appearance. First layer of leather than split leather appearance lubrication flat, split leather. Split leather by finishing, moving film or film Don’t see rough can make appearance, low temperature resistance is poor, but moving film leather at low temperature is used as a wrinkle. Cowhide leather on the second floor flat, no significant drawbacks, after embossing and pigskin split leather usually visible three piles of MAO cavity, it shine. Difference should note when corrected grain and positive leather, corrected grain is destroyed the original grain surface, and then press the markings, speckle varieties can be imitated cattle, sheep, pig, etc., but striped glabrous cavity, speckle is floating on the skin surface, and upper MAO cavity exists, careful investigation can be identified.



Artificial leather is on the bottom base cloth coating a layer of organic material, thin sheep (imitation leather), thickness (with foaming coating of organic materials, pressed again on the markings) two type. After synthetic leather is made of organic fiber limit, and after finishing layer embossing. Regenerated leather is the leather, leather fibre grinding slag, the adhesion, high pressure with adhesive sheet formation, and then the thickness of leather machine pills to demand, and then to finish, make it has some features, leather for bags leather pieces, a few used shoes.




To identify the bag can sum up in the following ways:

A. look. Look at the appearance, dermal bottomless base, artificial data base bottoms; There is a fine pores, leather imitation leather, no.

B. to touch. Reoccupy hand, artificial material plastic sense is very strong, luster bright, winter hand have a cold feeling, genuine leather lubrication hands without a cold feeling.

C. to smell. Leather notes with animal fat (i.e., leather smell), imitation leather is plastic. D. pressure. The thumb of extruded some soft, leather around the thumb will appear many scrawled, uniform stripes, thumbs up, markings, is real leather; And artificial materials may not have markings, also may be bulky grain road, thumbs up, markings do not see, that appearance of grain layer and reticular layer below has been opened.

E. was found. Investigation section, leather section is behaved fibers, with the hand under the fingernails after broken skin fiber, cross section, no significant change for leather, different parts of the grain is not rules, nose to smell a stench, and people Make leather smell smell of plastic or rubber, each part lines together. Sticker is in natural leather leather fibre layer on surface of grassroots osteoporosis meat on artificial outside surface, can’t say “genuine leather”, but in natural leather layer as the base of synthetic leather.

F. water. Small water droplets in its skin appearance, minutes after water through pores scattered, can see significant wet spot, absorb the moisture.

G. to burn. Burn the skin edges have hair focal flavour, imitation leather is plastic.

H. color. Leather dark bright colour and lustre downy, imitation leather is bright.