How anti-wrinkle leather

How to leather except knit? Seemingly glamorous fashion women, because the days are pressure, stay up late, environmental pollution, the connotation of the factors such as aging, forehead inadvertently climb up the face, because the days are busy, smart women it is necessary to grasp the more efficient maintenance guidelines to deal with the raid on my forehead, below small make up to action for you, even if it is plain yan, also can send out the style of be awed person of young arrogant.


How to leather except knit?

Forehead occurrence reason: it is a lot of water. When everyone has a high fever, vomit inverse fast, have loose bowels, or water, many under the condition of the dehydration, the body skin tension loss of elasticity, the forehead will appear on your forehead;

The second is malnutrition. When people lack of nutrition, the body is too thin, subcutaneous fat reducing, skin sub-sag, boring, desquamation, rough, loose skin, forehead wrinkles rendering;

Three is a hand to touch the bad habit. Often use hand to touch the front of the forehead, overnight, the skin is stretched, and people who love frowning, time increase in the number on your forehead;

Four is intense sunlight. In the sunlight, skin moisture to evaporate a lot, skin dry, elastic fiber reduce, cause the appearance of wrinkles.

How to leather except knit?

How to leather except knit?

Smooth ripe age muscle forehead: spring hymn, wrinkled skin concentrate

Contain natural plant essence, professional for facial soft skin planning can let the skin white tender, elastic for skin in moisture and glory, fade out fine lines, improve the appearance of fine lines and pore bulky, firming tyra, make the skin soft and elastic.