Clothes ironing technique

A lot of people think that iron is a very simple thing, very casual ironing, would not have known easy break a great dress, here and we talk about, what clothes ironing tips!!!!


Ironing shirts:


1. Press the predecessor, even wrinkles while ironing from the hem up.


2. The shoulders and joint sleeves parts using the perspective of ironing board ironing.


3. Cover the shoulder points at the mercy of two pieces, half and half space with ironing.


4. The iron collar, in the end, with the hand grabbed the collar in a corner of the ironing.


Ironing dress four method


1. Clothes stacked for a long time, would be a dead plait skirt or trousers, the sleeve. Scrubbing, usable vinegar along the folds, reoccupy, iron is simple iron out the wrinkles in folds.


2. Iron with a ruffle skirt, should be ironed again ruffles, then pressed all.


3. Ironing clothes, put on a patch or blotting paper spray on some toilet water, and then pressed, can make clothes smell.


4. If you want to make clothes ironed after endowed with luster, can be mixed with a few milk in the pulp clothes.


The three iron lace


1. The lace on the dress should be good before iron slurry, with a tip of the iron to iron, pay attention to the temperature not too hot. Made of synthetic fiber fabric lace, especially afraid of iron to overheat.


2. Must never thin lace and iron; Through the embroidered flowers never and pressed into water cloth; Linen and cotton fabric and after ironing should never again from the front, to adhere to the material of the original luster.


3. Such as iron with a convex striped sweater knitting clothing, you must first soft mat, water cloth and iron. Operation to arrange grain iron, no firm pressure.


Iron artificial silk and nylon


Iron nylon and artificial silk, be extra careful, not cutting temperature is too high, or you will make the fabric dyeing (especially grey, blue) were damaged, little white spot.


Woollen clothes ironing


Woollen clothes have shorten the sex, the best from a set of wet cloth pad to iron. If you must iron from the front, insist on wool is wet, iron and a half to heat.


Qiao ironing silk clothes


Washed silk clothes, it is often hard to iron out, but if put it into the bag, placed in the refrigerator frozen in an instant, to remove iron, the effect is very ideal. Leather clothing ironing of leather clothing must use ironing at low temperature. Available as iron pad, packing the paper to keep moving the iron together, make the leather surface flat light.


Necktie ironed 3 laws


1. No matter what kind of cloth, tie are generally not wash water, avoid fade, shrink, lost the original style. Laundry ties should be with dry cleaning method. Dip in with soft brush first a few gasoline, brush, after waiting for evaporation, with a clean wet towel to wipe a few times. Iron, iron temperature to 70 ℃ is preferred. Wool tie should be spray, ironing mat white cloth; Silk tie can Ming iron, ironing speed faster, in order to avoid “aurora” and “macular”.


2. The necktie ironed when, can according to the first design, using a heavy bond paper cut a piece of lining board, into a tie between is not, then with warm iron. So she doesn’t tie with slotted traces appeared to positive, positive, plain beautiful.


3. If the tie has a slight wrinkle, it can be tightly on the bottle of clean, wrinkles can disappear every other day.


Clothes iron coke disposal method of five


1. Burn marks on the silk dress, desirable baking soda water mix into a paste, paint in scorch place, natural and boring, burn marks can vary with soda ash from elimination.


2. Chemical fiber fabric after iron yellow, to promptly mat wet towel again ironed, lighter can restore to restore.


3. Iron yellow cotton fabrics, can immediately sprinkle some salt, then use hand rub, quietly in the sun for a while, and then remove with clean water, qiaogen be reduced, or even completely lost.


4. It is expected to iron coke, after washing hair will be lost and bottom yarn. Usable hand needle tip quietly rubbing pick no fluff, until to provoke a new hairs, wet cloth pad to, along with the iron of the original fabric fluffy backward iron for several times, can be restored.


5. The winter coat is often wash hot. If scorched the thick coat carelessly, scorched, usable fine sandpaper friction slip brush with the brush again, the doors are missing. Iron heating will be an electric iron on the electromagnetic range has been connected to the power, wait in an instant, which can be heated to the temperature of the ironing clothes. Because of the high so that the thermal efficiency of heating, than the direct power supply heating power saving, and safe.