Maintenance of football shoes

Football competition due to the rain will not, in fact, many ball friend tried playing football in the rain. If playing or muddy field, you are not like cristiano ronaldo Grosvenor LTD handsome, then slightly know the way to curing football boots are very necessary. About football lovers, two Zhou Qingjie sneakers are necessary at a time.


1. In order to give the ball friend very good experience, now many sneakers are very simple, leather is very soft. Look after your shoes before beginning to play from the first time. A little shoe polish, scrub with a soft cloth, shoe polish into the leather. This shoe can be very good waterproof. This is also called “feed” sneakers.


2. After the race, soccer shoes tend to have a sweat. Don’t try so hard put football shoes in the bag, slightly dry away. After coming home can cloth clean boots grime, especially the gaps between the shoe and the sole. Use an old toothbrush can perfectly clean these gaps.


3. There are some stubborn dirt, can use wet cloth wipe away. Also can use special cleaning liquid cleaning. Don’t throw shoes into the washing machine.


4. If the shoes are wet, can remove the insole, flush with water. Shoes, and some wrinkle paper tucked into the shoe. Newspapers can faster bibulous, helping shoe boring. Someone suggests that newspapers can perfectly to keep the shape of the shoe. Someone said, using the mask to clean shoes, is said to have very good maintenance effect.


5. Put boots on boring local natural ventilation to dry. Shoes not in the sun insolates, also don’t blow blow hair-dryer, because it will result in the crack of the shoe.


Professional shoe polish


Little ball friend will do the same. But after clean shoes on some shoe polish can enhance the flexibility of leather, delay aging cortex. Shoeshine and leather shoes maintenance: point, evenly in the vamp, and polish with a soft cloth immediately.