The home installs 10 taboo. Don’t make fun of security

Home has always been a big project, whether it is domestic outfit, is still an outfit, ten times the householder, always ends in the future, have a little regret, can say is this defect beauty? A jokingly, originally, the home installs, in addition to from the start to save money, health, the future home outfit, also has many taboos.


Today, the author will give we brought some home outfit needs pay attention to matters, after these things, in addition to affect our health, also directly influences our home security, now, brothers, interested in it and see it together.


One, avoid is done some people after a new house, eager to check in. They are in a hurry to find a decoration company, demand the other party within ten days and a half months to completion. As for the planning, the choice of decoration materials of the room, the head of the household in the mind is not think carefully. Thus these problems may be present: hurry selected decoration company can not be perfect, planning, construction level can not reach the requirements. So before decorate, don’t hurry, you like to leave a period of time to think about the room planning and decorative materials selection, and use for a period of time to pick a qualified decoration company


Second, avoid “chest without global” before decorate, you should be on the room used by the adornment of individual character, the choice of decoration materials, furniture and roughly put location and decoration of accounting know. Avoid by all means to these without thinking, full of the likes and dislikes, room decoration is no overall thinking about, so often present furniture and adornment personality.


Three, avoid is “one size fits all” type of consistent said despite a residence shall be consistent under a kind of adornment personality, but every room has a different function, habitant is different also. So choose in everything in the room of avoid by all means a kind of adornment personality, use the adornment of the same data. Doing so can only make the room appears the lack of enthusiasm and change.


Four, avoid appearance of the construction of “powder” from the current format, all of the format is not very reasonable, so don’t rely on the format of the original room, only to do the “article” appearance of the room. This only brings more convenient to use. From an aesthetic point of view to think, rectangular room is not ambitious.


Five, avoid both primary and secondary, some people regardless of primary and secondary, in adornment of all space “fair play”. Not only does this kind of decoration cost too much, and often the wasted effort. Had some space in the whole room decoration can be succinct, with furniture and adornment to decorate the space.


Six, avoid is copied from cultural background picture album adornment method, usually only “draw a tiger don’t become the dog”, so from the cultural background of avoid by all means. If the room is western personality, but the decoration palace chair, it is not compatible.


Seven, avoid is from the external environment if your bedroom is very noisy outside, colorful, interior decoration is concise; If the room is in shadow, adornment is envy with deep color.


Eight, some consumers avoid is “no” to the whole process of adornment to decorate company, they don’t attend a mindset. Such decoration out of the room without a master be fond of and temperaments.


Nine, avoid blind comparison thinking of some people in adornment is costly, so that accounting, achievement cannot purchase matching furniture.


Ten, avoid is to seek the most current “one pace reachs the designated position” want to decorate “one pace reachs the designated position”, was also in the “growth”, adornment also want to make small adjustments accordingly. The child big, for example, children between the decoration and furniture will be changed accordingly.