2018 Shanghai international footwear fair to help the large shoe enterprises transformation and upgrading

Analyze the current situation of shoe industry,It is hard to know that China’s shoe-making enterprises have been along with the new China.

Our country produces shoes in the world no.1 every year,The demand for shoes is also the highest in the world.However, Chinese shoe industry is still in the primary stage of shoe industry.

The number of shoe companies in China has increased dramatically after so many years.There are also many leading brands in the industry of shoes.But for this huge market,Such brands are few and far between,The number of shoe companies in China is huge but not established.And compare with other developed countries want to be more than our products,Every aspect is still inadequate.

There is a weakness of brand awareness in Chinese shoe enterprises,They are more likely to pursue shoe production,Can shoes keep up with foreign styles,Is it possible to increase sales,And ignore the importance of the brand,It’s not just the appearance of the shoe that feels like comfort,Degree of sensory,And then there’s his brand.It can make people feel different,The shoes of this brand are different.There was even a sense of pride.Not because the style is so attractive.Not because he is so special simply because it has such a sign.

The 15th Shanghai international footwear fair will be held in Shanghai Everbright International Exhibition Center from June 21-23, 2018.The exhibition is approved by the Shanghai business council,Shanghai leather technology association,Shanghai yahui exhibition co. LTD,Guangzhou baiyun shoe leather association,Asian footwear association and other support.More than 600 companies from Japan, South Korea, Italy, Germany, the United States, Russia, Brazil, Britain, Iran, Turkey, Hongkong and Taiwan have participated in more than 600 enterprises.Last year attracted more than 30,000 professional businessmen to visit and negotiate.

These include a number of upscale shopping centers,there are more professional buyers from Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and Shenzhen. Exhibitors come close to the decision-makers from the footwear industry,building effective and substantial orders,The Shanghai shoe expo will continue to strengthen China’s trade with the world’s footwear sector,Expand international exchanges and cooperation between industries to promote the development of Chinese shoe industry and market prosperity.