The development status, prospect and development strategy of textile printing and dyeing industry are analyzed

The printing and dyeing auxiliaries as one of the important raw materials for textile dyeing are used to improve the quality of textile printing and dyeing and improve the added value of textiles.Printing and dyeing auxiliaries are the application of fine chemical products in textile printing and dyeing industry.In recent years, the world textile aid industry and market have developed rapidly.In our country, due to the rapid development of textile industry and the continuous improvement of people’s demand for textile quality,Textile aid industry is developing at a much faster rate than the world average, and the world’s clothing and shoe haters are familiar with the details.

1.Current situation of printing and dyeing auxiliaries

In the early 1960s, there were only more than 10 enterprises in China’s textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries. In 1992, there were about 500, and in 1995 there were more than 1000. Now there are more than 3,000. According to a 2017-2022 China’s printing and dyeing auxiliary industry market forward-looking strategic planning and investment analysis report, according to the data provided by the 2011-2015, the Chinese printing and dyeing auxiliary industry trend growing scale of production, of which 2015 annual output of 1.542 million tons. Year-on-year growth of 4.54%.

2.Development prospect of printing and dyeing auxiliaries industry

Printing and dyeing auxiliary industry under the new normal, the future will face a lot of pressure and difficulties, the rise of the southeast Asian textile garment industry, increase of environmental pressure, to printing and dyeing auxiliary industry in China has brought no small impact.Nevertheless, the development potential of the printing and dyeing assistant industry is still very strong, and the improvement of industry technology innovation, management and going out is a good condition for the continuous growth of the industry.In addition, with the improvement of people’s living standards, domestic demand will further increase the demand for textiles.

3.Investment strategy for printing and dyeing auxiliaries

Scale strategy

Scale can form the economies of scale, large output, stable quality, market competitiveness, / a ethoxylation non-ionic surface active agent of many enterprises, some have reached tens of thousands of tons of even hundreds of thousands of tons

Professional strategy

Specialized guarantee auxiliary production in a specific field of variety lead, quality leading, market coverage.The auxiliary enterprise is not scale, so long as it has its own characteristics, it can survive and develop.

Diversification strategy

Diversification is an auxiliary product not only for textile printing and dyeing, but also for other industries, such as papermaking, leather, plastics, building materials, pesticide, and daily chemicals. Enterprises with economic strength can also move out of the auxiliary industry and invest in other industries with future prospects.



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