Dongguan-Taiwan Famous Goods Fair:The spirit of craftsman becomes a light spot

7th September ,2017 Dongguan-Taiwan Famous Goods Fair opened at Dongguan International Exhibition center.A total of 330 companies participated, including 85 from Taiwan.



The exhibits of Xinhetai Group from Taiwan is so different.Enter the exhibition area of this enterprise.The first sight you see is lots  pairs of shoes with different styles, colors and sizes.But what attracts the audience more is the process of the whole shoe-making and the operation of the hand-made shoes made by the two masters.


We are here to show, not to sell shoes, but to bring a sense of purpose and hope that more people will know about the shoe industry and let young people get involved. Said Mr Cai- vice president of Xinhetai Group.


The purpose of this exhibition is not to promote the relevant shoe products, but to let more people know about the shoe making industry itself.


Machine shoes are becoming more and more common, but shoes are originally a manual work, the older generation of shoemaker slowly old, need the fresh force to participate, the shoemaker spirit of shoe making industry to pass down.


The exhibition area of this fair is about 20,000 square meters.According to the characteristics of the exhibition area, it is divided into the popular fashion district, the modern home living area, the innovation and creative district, the Taiwan food district and the five large districts of the e-commerce district, and set up nearly 800 international standard booths.


It not only establishes the platform for the exhibitors to find business opportunities, but also helps the public to learn more about Taiwan products and Taiwanese culture, and promote cultural exchanges between the two places.


According to the introduction, the Dongguan-Taiwan Famous Goods Fair has held seven sessions, and the total number of visitors over 2.1 million, the total transaction amount is 172. 6 million Yuan.



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