The re-rise of the Chinese fashionable shoes:WARRIOR

The fashion industry has a long history of disdain, and it seems that the clothing and shoes with domestic labels will always be synonymous with LOW.

However, this is not absolute.Wave slapping, especially in the new home products at home and abroad and the trend of the stars, driven by many domestic brands have unlimited scenery, finally has become synonymous with the current fashion trends, and can even have the international big rival fans fans. Like :WARRIOR

The history of the return shoe dates back to 1927.Initially, it was a joint venture between liu Yongkang, a grocer from Jiangsu province, and a factory named zhengtai xinji rubber factory, which produces recycled rubber shoes and recycled tires


After the liberation, after the public and private partnerships in 1956, the company and the Shanghai rubber industry have been reorganized and reorganized.


Before public-private partnerships, the WARRIOR sneakers are initially only in Shanghai, public-private partnerships, Beijing rubber factory began to produce the “arrow” white WARRIOR shoes, and this pair of white shoes to Beijing youth at the time of reception, wear white WARRIOR shoes was the capital of a big fashion sense, especially in youth groups like sports, WARRIOR is a totem of existence.



Around 2000,the factory became impoverished. In 2002 Formal completion of bankruptcy liquidation.Seven of its factories were closed and 8,600 workers were laid off.

In 2008,The strong return of the WARRIOR, just to meet the rising tide of nostalgia in China, has been driven by a number of trends, and many people have started to go back and chase the traditional Chinese brands.And it turns out that these cheap Chinese brands, whether daily or magazine street, are the ones that don’t lose the streets.


These shoes are not only popular with fans and celebrities at home, but also in other parts of Asia. For example, many young people in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and other places see the return shoes as a fashion symbol and through various channels overseas online shopping.


According to statistics, since 2009, the global sales of return shoes have doubled, reaching a staggering 6.1 billion yuan in 2013. According to data released by the force, the sales volume of the products in 2015 exceeded 60 million in the market, and the company’s own sales exceeded 800 million.