What is Pigskin?

Pigskin, which refers to PU synthetic leather that is processed into the texture ofpigskin.It has excellent abrasion resistance, excellent resistance to cold, air permeability and aging resistance.

It could be difficult to discern pigskin; usually it’s used as a liner on leather goods to make them tougher without adding weight, as pigskin is very strong. Pigskin will usually have “dimples” on the surface. It can be any color, but the most common is black or brown. Pigskin suede is softer than tan suede.





WINIW microfiber pigskin lining is thin thickness microfiber synthetic leather with pigskin texture, looks and feels as genuine pigskin leather lining, is the best quality faux pigskin lining, high strength and superior durability, the optimal substitute of pigskin lining.