Maintaining Vinyl (PVC) Leather

Vacuum the surface with the upholstery attachment. Regular use of the vacuum allows for cleaning of pet hair, dust, dirt and crumbs. This will keep your clothing and furniture looking new longer.

Spray a vinyl cleaner onto the vinyl surface. You can find these products online, or in local hardware stores. Some are specifically designed for cleaning boat seats, jackets or car seats. Make sure to select a product that fits your intended purpose. Spray a light coat over the entirety of your surface.

After spraying, let the cleaner sit for about a minute.

Use a soft brush on the vinyl surface. After letting the cleaner settle, use the brush to dislodge any dirt or grime on the surface. Use circular strokes with little pressure. Let the cleaner do the work rather than your muscle.

If the surface you’re cleaning is segmented, or has curves and nooks, you’ll want to brush each section separately.

Wipe any dirt or grime with a towel. The combination of the cleaner and the brush will likely dislodge these from your surface. You can easily wipe them away with a towel.

Spray a vinyl protectant on your surface. These products help to repel dust and grime, making cleaning less frequent. They usually protect from UV radiation as well. After covering the surface in cleaner, wipe clean with a towel.


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