New EU rules could affect shoe factories

Since the first half of this year, China’s export of textile and clothing and fashion products in eu countries has been reported and rejected, mainly due to a recall of the limited amount of chemical substances in the rapid early warning system (RAPEX).


Recently, the eu’s regulations on textiles, leather goods and footwear have raised the requirement for chemical substances to be more and more, and the scope is expanded and new features are presented.It is understood that leather products have been recalled especially because of high levels of chromium 6.The shoe factory is careful: the new regulations may cause the shoe factory to shut down or shut down because of the cancellation of orders by foreign customers.


According to statistics, from January to June this year, RAPEX released a total of 7 Chinese footwear products, including 6 of them, with a high content of chromium 6, which accounted for 86% of the products.

Hexavalent chromium is often used in footwear enterprise production process, it is a kind of swallowed, inhaled extremely toxic, skin contact can cause allergies, are more likely to cause inherited gene defects, inhalation may cause cancer, the persistent dangers to the environment.

The European Union of the new regulations are likely to occur in the conditions of the eu order, light increase in enterprise production cost, or lead to enterprises for foreign customers cancel the order and stop the delivery and production or even closing their doors.

TBT Center gives 3 Suggestions:


First, to establish a perfect quality management system, guide enterprises to further sets up the concept of green products, toxic and harmful substances from the source control, to ensure that products conform to the requirements of the importing country.


Second, every textile and garment’s enterprise , focus on export provinces TBT research institutions, also focus on Europe and the United States technical trade measures to guide enterprises to prepare for in advance, to speed up the transformation and upgrading, highlight quality inspection, to ensure smooth export products.


Third is introduced as soon as possible for the present situation of our country enterprise society responsibility standard, make the enterprise in the aspect of social responsibility rules-based, tend to change the export enterprises in the passive position in the international competition.