The 12th China Women’s Shoes Expo

October 21st,2017 ,The 12th China Women’s Shoes Expo was officially opened.Activities on the day of the 12th 2017 been conducted in China shoes capital of the expo opening ceremony, China shoes capital of shu culture experience center opening ceremony and ritual fashion shopping festival brand merchants on the wall, guest friends gathered from all over the world, sharing the industry feast!

China Women’s Shoes will be to build a “ring of ecological tourism zone” as an opportunity, and urban leisure tourism district, tianfu Jiang Anhe lotus garden, day art closely fit for the construction of the garden expo park and so on, make the shoes all “big business”.

Three years plan adjustment upgrade with a total area of 1.9 square kilometers, the formation of industry, commerce, culture, tourism four fashion culture business circle, including the headquarters, visitor center and so on nine big functional groups, gradually appears as fashion wen gen center as the core of longitudinal and three-axis “one, two, five area” of planning and landscape.