Shoes & Textile City in Jinjiang

Jinjiang International Shoe &Textile City first stage professional market  open on October 31. At present, the preparatory work for the opening period is in full play, and the occupancy rate of the tenants is expected to be over 90% during the opening period.

According to the Jinjiang shoes & clothing industry transformation and upgrading of grand strategy, Jinjiang International Shoe &Textile City project positioning for the asia-pacific region’s largest professional market, shoes, clothing,textile production and marketing chain integration services platform, the productive service trade key base.

Shoe &Textile City professional market after the completion of all, will also have the product exhibition and trade, information release, industry consulting, services, logistics, conference and exhibition promotion, e-commerce and other seven major function, annual turnover of 100 billion yuan, is expected to drive employment population, 150000.

At the same time, through the project put into use, will drive the surrounding area in accordance with the standards of urban central area comprehensive development and construction, prosperity JinDong district, promote transformation and upgrading of industry, and promote jinjiang and quanzhou industry and urban development, build a new gathering place for shoes clothing industry in the asia-pacific region.



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