Brushed Leather Shoes Cleaning Maintenance

Tools: detergent, water (temperature 30 ~ 40 ℃), vinegar, brush

In the cleaning of frosted shoes can be used to gently wipe away stains with a soft brush, pay attention to the same direction to rub smoothly, in order to make the texture smooth, but do not rub oil. Use 2 parts of detergent, 1 part of vinegar, 50 parts of water (temperature 30 ~ 40 ℃) with a cleaning solution, with a shoe brush dipped in the solution and carefully scrub the surface of leather shoes.
Careful not to dip the shoes into the solution and try not to dip the shoes in too much solution when washing and polishing. When the surface of the shoes is basically washed, then wash the surface of the shoes with clean water 1 to 2 times, and put the shoes in a cool and breezy place to dry until half dry.
When refueling, use a brush to apply the leather fatliquor or emulsified oil (available from the tannery, the oil content is controlled at 50-60%) on average on the suede surface which is washed and dried to semi-dry, the dosage is about 100 grams per pair of shoes. The amount is about 100 grams per pair of shoes. During the painting process, pay attention to make the oil penetrate into the leather as much as possible.
After 30 minutes, brush away the oil on the surface of the shoes with 35℃ clean water, and put the shoes in a cool and airy place to dry. When the suede shoes are dry, use a steel wire brush or coarse sandpaper to brush the surface, so that the suede reappears, and then use a brush to brush. After the above procedures, the suede shoes will be like new shoes.
Brushed leather shoes should not be wiped with ordinary brushes, which will lead to hair loss and damage to the leather surface, you must use a special brush to wipe in one direction, not back and forth. The coloring needs to use the special spray of flipping fur, interval shoes about 20CM spray, toe and root because of easy to fall off, a lot of spray a few times, to be dry, with a special brush to wipe again both can. The problem of storing out-of-season shoes is very important in the daily maintenance of brushed leather shoes. The first thing you need to do is to clean and maintain the shoes after they have been stored in the cavity and filled with shoe supports or clean and soft things such as newspapers and cloth.