Can Suede Leather Shoes be Washed?

Can suede shoes be washed with water if they are dirty? Leather shoes are usually very hard after washing with water, and they are easy to deform. When wearing them again, they will become more rigid. Therefore, leather shoes made of this material cannot be cleaned with water.

  • Dry cleaning method of suede shoes
    Suede shoes are made of suede and leather. This dry cleaning method is more suitable for suede suede shoes.
    Before cleaning, brush off the dust on the surface of suede shoes with a brush, spray a layer of cleaning agent on the surface of shoes, and wipe the surface with cotton cloth. There must be some stains that can’t be removed after preliminary cleaning. You can wipe the dirty places with a suede eraser. Then use a suede brush to soften the suede brush. If the shoes fade, you can apply the same color of shoe powder.
  • Semi wet cleaning method for suede shoes
    This method is more suitable for suede leather shoes. Suede suede leather shoes have a slightly poor cleaning effect, and can also be cleaned with this method.
    Use a suede brush to clean the dust on the surface of the shoes, then spray an appropriate amount of detergent on the surface of the shoes, and apply it in circles with a wet and soft cloth. Then use sponge to absorb the foam on the shoes, and then use a clean wet cloth to wipe the surface several times.
    After the shoes are cleaned, they can be dried in a shady and ventilated place, or they can be dried with a hair dryer in time. Do not set the temperature of the hair dryer too high, just moderate. After the shoes are dry, spray them with a layer of waterproof spray, which can prevent water and fix the color.