Can Suede be Washed?  What Kinds of Ways are Right?

Suede can be washed by hand with cold water at a temperature lower than 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s best to avoid cleaning suede in the washing machine.

Taking good care of suede textiles is one of the best ways to ensure that they last longer. Give special attention to suede clothes as they won’t resist high temperatures.

Before cleaning suede fabrics, read the care instructions that you can find on the care tag. This way, you can determine if the material is washable.

It’s best to use lower water temperatures to save money and resources. It reduces water and energy consumption and preserves suede fabric quality.

Don’t use any chlorine-based or strong detergent when cleaning suede. Use a gentle and natural soap instead.

Do not dry suede fabrics in a tumble dryer either. They don’t have a high thermal resistance. So the dryer reduces their durability and risk damaging the material.

A more sustainable way of drying suede is to let it air-dry. Place suede textiles in fresh air rather than using a dryer. It preserves their quality and saves energy.

You can easily lay suede fabrics down on a towel for a while, then flip them over. Try to avoid hangers. Instead, place suede clothes on a flat surface to help them dry naturally.

Is Suede a by-product?

A common misconception is that suede is simply a by-product. Suede is so much more than just a by-product of the meat industry. It’s a booming industry on its own and a very lucrative business. The most expensive leather is made from exotic and very young animals to preserve quality.

A lot of leather comes from animals being slaughtered for their meat. All animal products and by-products are interdependent. Animal parts are sold not to minimize waste but to maximize profits.

Many people believe that they prevent more waste by buying and wearing leather or suede clothing, shoes, and accessories.

But the skins and hides are the most valuable parts of animals. And leather goods are produced first and foremost to meet consumers’ demand.

Animals are killed very young to preserve the smoothness and softness of their skin. The best leather quality comes from skins and hides that don’t have any damage, scratch, parasite, or contamination yet.

Most of the leather and suede worn in the United States comes from Asia. The top producers of leather goods in Asia are China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. Most animals are slaughtered for their skins in these countries as well.


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