How to Clean Leather Loafer Shoes?

Loafer shoes, English name loafer, originally refers to an idle life style, which is a casual men’s shoes developed based on moccasins (deerskin soft shoes worn by North American Indians). Later, it gradually appeared and popularized in the wearing of Hepburn and other actresses. Only then did this pair of handsome and ruffian shoes gradually come into women’s vision. This pair of casual and fashionable lofook shoes has become a classic.
So how to clean and maintain leoford shoes?
Today, let’s talk about two kinds of leather loafers, which are made of cow leather and horse leather. For the shoes made of cowhide, the special brush for shoes should be used to remove the dust on the upper. After the dust is cleaned, a small amount of shoe polish can be applied to the soft cotton cloth. First, each part of the shoes should be carefully wiped with the method of local circles. If some of the colors of your shoes have fallen off, then you should use colored shoe polish similar to the color of the shoes to fill the discolored part. After these steps are completed, wipe the shoe body with dry cotton cloth to remove the excess oil and make the shoe more shiny. Because horse hide itself secretes more oil than cow hide, we only need to clean the dust on the upper and then dip a small amount of moisturizing shoe polish with clean and soft cotton cloth. Keep wiping the shoes in circles. This will last for a period of time. After the heat of the leather is generated, the oil of the horse skin will appear on the upper, and your favorite shoes will show luster again.