Jinjiang The shoe material chamber of commerce is formally established.

22nd,January,Jinjiang The  shoe material chamber of commerce formally established. In the past 10 years, Chen tai-zhen finally gave birth to a new shoe material chamber of commerce.

Recently, haidu reporters visit the President of  Jinjiang The shoe material chamber of commerce -Ding Heming.

“Only if you go out together, you open up a new situation for Chen dai shoe material, and find a new way for Chen dai shoe material industry!” “Said Ding.

The shoe material merchants of Chen dai-zhen of jinjiang, also gave the answer with one voice: the time is different, it is time for the shoe manufacturer to hold a group.

Based on the shoe material industry born in jinjiang shoemaking industry, after 30 years of development, the original firm acquaintance economic market is being broken by the open national and global market. In recent years, jinjiang shoe company, which has blossomed all over the world, has undergone a wave of washing.

A brand new shoe material market, Jinjiang international shoe spinning city formally set sail, also for Chen dai shoe material businessman wants to go out, provided a new opportunity.