Do You Know How to Care for Leather?

When you are wearing high-grade leather dress and leather shoes, hard to avoid often suffers the influence such as pollution of exposure to wind and sun, dust and rain, such meeting coriaceous becomes hard, colour and lustre fades. Judge whether the need for leather maintenance standards, it is appropriate to touch the leather goods will feel a little dry leather. Just like human skin, that’s what’s interesting about leather. Natural leather can produce dry or appear burnish, the condition that fade even happens. You can often observe and touch your leather products to find out the most suitable maintenance time for it. And the necessary article when leather maintains is: leather is special brush, leather is special nurse oil, the cloth that wipes nurse oil and the cloth that is used when dry brush. Do you know how to maintain it? Most people can’t get around these three points.

Clean and wipe the dust on the surface of leather
Be sure to brush off the dust in a gentle manner before treatment. It is easy to produce besmirch in seam and edge seam. It is important to remove the dust of each part carefully.

Leather should not be overmaintained
Leather products are like this. If they are used normally, they can not be oiled frequently. The key point is that once they are not used, it is best to be oiled and stored after maintenance. Oiling step is to start oiling after drying air, remember not to go on too thick, it is best to use silk, itself silky and non-oil absorbing fabric is appropriate (recommended light-colored silk stockings, very good)

Leather should not be overexposed to the sun
Cannot excessive insolation, especially summer, damp and hot, a lot of leather grows mildew spot. People often have such a wrong idea, that moldy things can be exposed to the sun, in fact, such a concept is not reasonable. Moldy like leather had explained leather was damaged, put leather below the sun again bask in, can cause leather bigger harm, for instance leather craze, fade to wait!