Maintenance of Patent Leather Materials

  •  What is paint leather?:
  • Paint leather is to make some leather pieces into pulp, and then make leather! It has a strong plastic feel and a smooth appearance. Dermis is the first layer of animal fur, not synthetic, is generally processed cowhide. Wrinkly paint skin is used extensively at present, its advantage is: feel good, skin body is soft. Wrinkled paint skin is in the process of making, want skin body drum soft first, drench paint next, its brightness is no less than mirror surface paint skin. With wrinkles like broken tempered glass and soft leather without losing cowhide characteristics, the bag is very comfortable.

  • Paint Skin Maintenance
    The dust on the surface of patent leather bag can be wiped gently with a clean wet cloth (the wetting degree is better without dripping water), or handled with leather cleaner or cleaning cream, but not with brightener. Because the brightener will cause the false coating to fall off, the surface will be wrinkled. If paint skin package is scratched, first will be scraped out scrub clean, with egg white and the same color of leather oil mix, and then will be scraped together, the mixture besmear, after doing more than two times, until the besmear place is higher than the surrounding surface, the next day with soft cloth polishing until level off.