What Material is Recycled Leather?

Recycled leather, which has the characteristics of both real leather and PU leather, is a very common leather fabric nowadays.
So what is recycled leather?
Let’s take a look at recycled leather.

Recycled leather is to crush the raw materials of real leather or recycled leather into leather fibers of a certain size, then mix them with natural rubber, resin and other raw materials, then compress them into filter cakes; heat the filter cakes so that the fibers on the surface of them are melted and sticky, and the layers are extruded, bonded, dehydrated and molded, dried, sliced, embossed and surface treated to get the final product.
Recycled leather has moisture absorption, air permeability, good workmanship also has the same softness, elasticity, light texture, strong resistance to extreme high and low temperature, wear resistance.
But the strength of recycled leather is worse than the same thickness of leather, of course, it is also worse than PU, so it is not suitable to do leather goods with greater force, such as vamps.
Recycled leather is the use of leather waste and leather products produced in the process of processing, recycled into high value-added products, leather goods, leather shoes, furniture and other leather-related products widely used auxiliary materials.
As an interlayer, recycled leather replaces cardboard with its unparalleled texture, elasticity, toughness, moisture resistance and processing adaptability; as a fabric, recycled leather can show a variety of performance effects through embossing, printing, and PU composite processes, which are widely used in leather goods, furniture, book covers and other production.