What Material is Synthetic Leather?

Synthetic leather is made of Microfiber Leather, which is a kind of leather after raw materials are processed. It is a kind of artificial leather. Its essence belongs to superfine fiber, which is just a layer of polyurethane on the surface of Microfiber Leather. The advantage is that synthetic leather is closer to natural leather in texture and appearance than artificial leather, and it has excellent air permeability, beautiful luster, light weight, certain water resistance, and is not easy to expand after water absorption. The most prominent point is that synthetic leather is cheap in cost and large in production. The disadvantages are also very obvious. The most common one is that the air permeability is relatively poor. After a long time, it will peel and age, the color will fade, and there is no abrasion resistance of the leather.

Now let’s learn about the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic leather.
Advantages of synthetic leather:

  • First, the functional characteristics of synthetic leather are closer to natural leather than artificial leather. Synthetic leather has excellent air permeability and good luster.
  • Second, it has excellent wear resistance than leather. The products made of synthetic leather are also resistant to wear and are not easy to damage. They also have certain corrosion resistance. The key point is that synthetic leather has large output and low price, and can be used as a substitute for real leather.

Disadvantages of synthetic leather: Although synthetic leather is relatively wear-resistant, natural damage such as cracking will occur after a long time of use, and it is not as good as leather on the whole.