How to Remove Stains From Genuine Leather Shoes?

If the leather shoes are dirty, they cannot be washed in water. Although the shoes are clean, the damage to the leather shoes will be great. For the stains on the leather shoes, we can use a soft cotton cloth soaked in water, wipe the shoes with a damp cloth, and wipe the shoes on the surface. wipe off the dirt.
When cleaning leather shoes, avoid washing with water and contact with chemical solvents. The gap between the heel and the body of the shoe can be wiped with a pointed brush. After the genuine leather shoes are cleaned, shoe polish should be rubbed on the shoes, so as to protect the shoes and prevent the shoes from losing their luster.
Pay attention to check whether the color of shoe polish is the same as that of genuine leather shoes when polishing shoes, or you can buy natural-colored shoe polish, which can be polished for all colors of leather shoes, which not only cleans the shoes but also protects them.
If you want to clean the inside of the shoes, we can remove the insoles inside the shoes and clean them. If there is an odor after cleaning, we can put the shoe dryer inside the shoes to sterilize the odor, or put grapefruit peels, dried orange peels or dried orange peels. Putting it in the shoes can also remove the odor.