Is suede for summer or winter?

Suede is a versatile material that can be worn during any season, including both summer and winter. Although traditionally thought of as a fall or winter material, suede can be a stylish addition to your summer wardrobe.

In the summer months, suede can add texture and interest to your outfits. Look for lighter weight versions of suede in clothing items such as shorts, skirts, and dresses. These pieces can be paired with lightweight tops and sandals for a perfect summer look.

Suede footwear is also a great option for summer. Sandals and espadrilles made of suede are both fashionable and comfortable. They can be paired with dresses, shorts, or jeans for a trendy summer look.

In the winter, suede is a versatile material that can keep you warm and fashionable. Suede jackets, boots, and accessories can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your winter wardrobe. They are also warm and cozy, making them perfect for cold and chilly days.

To ensure that your suede stays in top condition during the winter season, be sure to protect it with a suede protector spray and avoid wearing it in wet or snowy conditions.