How to take care of Napa leather?

Nappa mainly refers to a style and a representative craft. Nappa leather has the advantages of light resistance, sweat resistance, abrasion resistance, solvent resistance, etc., and good breathability, so it is loved by consumers. In the leather belongs to the high-grade leather materials, nappa leather in the car upholstery, shoe uppers, bags, and other industries are quite widely used.
So how to maintain nappa leather?

  • Try to avoid direct sunlight and strong light
    Direct light may cause the leather to fade. In your choice of furniture placement should take full account of the light factor.
  • Use the right maintenance products
    Do not use stain remover, turpentine or gasoline as cleaning agents when cleaning leather furniture, nor shoe polish or floor wax as furniture maintenance. To use a professional leather maintenance solution to maintain.
  • Regular dusting
    Regularly use a soft, slightly damp cotton cloth to wipe the entire leather for dusting. Tap water quality is hard areas, please use boiled and cooled water or distilled water for cleaning, so as not to leave calcified spots on the surface of the leather. Note: Do not use microfiber fabric rags!