What Are The Difference Between Leather And Microfiber?

What is Microfiber leather?

-The full name of the Micro-fibre leather is “microfiber-reinforced PU leather”, which is an artificial leather made of PU leather (polyurethane leather) added with microfiber, and its toughness, abrasion resistance and air permeability are improved.


Genuine leather

-The genuine leather is processed from the skin peeled off from the animal. It is also called natural leather. It is commonly found in cowhide, crocodile skin and sheepskin.



Then we look at the difference between the two in several ways.

  1. Appearance. Microfiber leather is the most leather-like in artificial leather, and its appearance is very close to the leather. However, after careful observation, it will be found that the surface of the leather has clear pores, the texture on the skin is natural, and the surface of the microfiber has no pores. The texture is also more regular. Even the rough texture of the microfiber skin may be close to the texture of the plastic.
  2. Weight. After seeing the microfiber skin, you can measure it by weight. The weight of the microfiber skin is lower than that of the leather, because the specific gravity of the leather is generally 0.6, and the specific gravity of the microfiber skin is less than or equal to 0.5, which means that the bag can be used. After the product is used, it is judged to be the kind of material.
  3. Smell. The dermis is the skin of an animal, so there is an odor and even an odor. If excessive formaldehyde, heavy metals, etc. are added during processing, the dermis will have a pungent odor. The ultra-fibre skin is artificial leather, which has a lighter taste, but the inferior microfiber skin may have a plastic taste.
  4. Performance. Both microfiber leather and leather have better performance. It is possible that the microfiber skin is superior in wear resistance and aging resistance, and the leather is better in comfortable ventilation. But the comprehensive performance of both can reach a certain balance.
  5. Take the material. The dermis takes automatic objects, and its quantity, size and shape are limited by animals, while the ultra-fibre skin is artificial leather, which is more convenient, more numerous, and more stable in quality and performance.
  6. Price. Under normal circumstances, the price of leather is higher than that of microfiber skin (finger skin), and the price of leather will fluctuate due to the supply and demand of the market. However, some foreign advanced microfiber skins are highly technological in nature, and the price is more expensive than leather, and is mostly used in high-end fields.

When the average consumer needs leather products, ask yourself what performance is most needed? If you pay more attention to breathability, you can choose leather, and more attention to wear resistance, choose microfiber. Of course, before choosing a microfiber skin, you need to know how to choose a microfiber.