Microfiber for Safety Shoes and Boots, comply to EN ISO20345:2011 standard! With excellent physical and chemical performance, WINIW microfiber leather has been the best substitute of leather upper for safety shoes, work boots, military shoes, outdoor shoes, etc. WINIW Microfiber for Safety Shoes & Boots can comply to below requirements required by EN ISO20345:2011 standard for safety shoes! 1. Tear strength at least 60N. 2. Water vapour permeability min 0.8mg/(cm2.h). 3. Water vapour coefficient min min 15mg/cm2. 4. Water absorption max 30%. 5. Water penetration max 0.2g. Specification of WINIW Microfiber for Safety Shoes & Boots: Thickness: 1.4mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm Width: 1.37m Color: Black, White, Dark Grey, Customized Grain: We have a lot grain for customers choice, also Customized. Finish: PU microfiber leather, microfiber suede leather, microfiber nubuck leather, etc. We can make water resistant, oil repellent, anti-static, according to customers requirements. Features of WINIW Microfiber for Safety Shoes & Boots: 1. Excellent physical strength, better than leather upper. 2. Excellent chemical properties. 3. Light weight. 4. High usage ratio. 5. Eco-friendly. 6. Cost-effective. Detailed pictures of WINIW Microfiber for safety shoes & Boots: