Easily Mouldable Shoe Counter Stiffener Sheet

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Easily Mouldable Shoe Counter Stiffener Sheet Wholesale and Supplier in China!


WINIW supply high quality nonwoven backing toe puff materials with high resilience, single side and double sides hot melt glue coated, thickness from 0.4mm to 2mm,  widely used for all kinds of shoes making, safety shoes, working shoes, boots, sports shoes, leather shoes, man shoes, women shoes, children shoes, etc.


WINIW Shoe Counter Stiffener Sheet material has strong softness, chemical resistance and good elasticity, which can be an ideal item widely used in soles and interior materials of various footwear. Equipped with advanced process, our shoe stiffener sheet material has strong  inclusiveness and crosslinkability that other materials do not have. As a new kind of composite material, it has excellent water resistance, moisture resistance, good water resistance. And the thermoplastic material is available in various of grades to meet the highest demands of premium shoes.


Specification of WINIW Shoe Counter Stiffener Sheet:

1. High viscosity hot met glue coated, single side or double sides coated.

2. Substrate materials: Nonwoven Chemical Sheet, Nonwoven Spunlaced fabrics, Muslin Fabrics, PP Nonwoven Fabrics, Stitch Bonded Nonwoven Fabrics, etc.
3. Thickness: 0.6mm-2.5mm.
4. Packing: 36″ width × 50Yards in rolls, 36″*54″ or 1m×1.5m in sheets.

5. MOQ: 500 sheets.

6. Lead time: 5-10 days.

7: production capactiy: 100,000 sheets per week.


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