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WINIW Microfiber Suede Leather Fabric looks and feels same as natural suede , high tear tensile strength, superior wear resistance, is the best substitute material of natural suede leather .

You will find our WINIW Microfiber Suede Leather Fabric in a variety of application :
1. Furniture upholstery and sofa Leather.
2. Automotive leather.
3. Luggage and bags leather.
4. Shoe leather.
5. Clothing leather.
6. Glove microfiber leather.
7. Fine inner packing microfiber leather.
8. Interior decoration leather.
9. More fields are waiting for us to develop.

Specification of WINIW Suede Leather Fabric:
1. Material: polyamide (nylon, PA) and PU (polyurethane).
2. Thickness: 0.6mm – 2.0mm.
3. Width: 137cm.
4. Color: white, black, blue, grey, red, customized available.
5. Pattern: single side suede, double sides suede.

Features of WINIW Suede Leather Fabric:
1. Good breathability.
2. Good hygroscopicity.
3. Excellent abrasion resistance.
4. Excellent tear strength.



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