Microfiber Based Polyurethane Material For Shoes Upper

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Microfiber Based Polyurethane Material For Shoes Upper.


China supplier of microfiber based polyurethane material for shoes upper and lining, polyurethane coated microfiber, polyurethane coated synthetic leather, polyurethane coated fabrics, and other polyurethane materials used for footwear.


Specification of WINIW Microfiber Based Polyurethane Material For Shoes Upper:

Backing: microfiber.

Thickness: 0.6mm – 2mm.

Width: 1.37 meter.

Color: all colors can be produced according to requirements.

Size: rolls.







What is Polyurethane Material?

Polyurethane is a versatile polymer formed by combining polyols and isocyanates. It can be found in flexible and rigid foam, coatings, adhesives, and elastomers. With properties like strength, insulation, and chemical resistance, it is widely used in industries such as construction, automotive, and furniture manufacturing.






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