PU Nubuck Material

PU Nubuck Material

PU Nubuck Material for Shoes Manufacturing:

Tear and tensile resistant.

Real nubuck looks feels.

Thickness 1.0mm – 2.0mm.

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WINIW PU Nubuck Material has good surface effect, nice comfortable hand feel, excellent abrasion resistance, very good physical and chemical properties, is the best quality synthetic nubuck leather, the optimal substitute and best alternative material to nubuck leather.


Features of WINIW PU Nubuck Material:
1. Very good hand feel and comfortable touch feeling, good draping.
2. Light weight.
3. Very good tensile strength.
4. Excellent abrasion resistance.
5. High usage rate, can up to 100%
6. Cost-efficient!
7. Eco-friendly!

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