Suede Nubuck Material

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WINIW Suede Nubuck Material, will be your best choice ever!

Also called Suede Nubuck Leather or Microfiber PU Nubuck Leather, has very good hand feel as genuine nubuck leather, but with more abrasion resistance and superior durable, is the best leather alternatives and optimal substitute of nubuck leather!

Our Specification & Feature:

1. Material: polyamide (nylon, PA) and PU (polyurethane).
2. Thickness: 0.8mm – 1.8mm.
3. Color: customized.
4. Eco-friendly.
5. Standard size, high usage ratio.
6. Smoothy & soft hand feel.

Our Application:

Because of his excellent physical & chemical performance ,Winiw Suede Nubuck Material is widely used for furniture ,shoes ,bags filed.And other unknown filed will be waiting for your development .


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