• Thermoplastic Sheet for Shoe Toe Puff and Counter Stiffener

    Product Details of Thermoplastic Sheet Shoe Toe Puff:
    Type: Medium Temperature, Low temperature, Super Low temperature.
    Texture: Nonwoven Chemical Sheet, Nonwoven Spun-laced, Weaving Fabrics, PP Nonwoven Fabrics, Stitch Bond Nonwoven Fabrics, etc.
    Thickness: 0.6mm-2.5mm
    Size: 36″ width in rolls, 36″*54″ or 1m*1.5m in sheets.

  • Toe Puff and Counter Material

    Features of WINIW toe puff and counter material:

    1. Good hardness.

    2. Good elasticity.

    3. Good viscosity.

    4. Eco-friendly.

  • Toe Puff Counter Sheets

    Features of WINIW toe puff counter sheets:

    1. Good hardness.

    2. Good elasticity.

    3. Good viscosity.

    4. Eco-friendly.

  • Waterproof Nubuck Leather

  • Waterproof Shoe Insole Board

    Features of WINIW Waterproof Shoe Insole Board:

    1. Waterproof, Good water resistance.

    2. Durable, Not easy to change, keep no stinking

    3. Wear-resistant, Good air ventilate, Environment-friendly, Hygiene.

    4. Inflection resistance.

  • Waterproof Synthetic Suede Leather Fabric for Boots

    Specification of WINIW Waterproof Synthetic Suede Leather Fabric for Boots:

    Thickness: 0.6mm – 2.0mm.

    Color: Black, Grey, Beige, Camel, all colors available.

    Width: 1.37m.

    Packing: rolls packing, 30/50 meters per roll.

  • Waxy PU Microfiber Leather for Leather Shoes

    Features of WINIW Waxy PU Microfiber Leather for Leather Shoes & Casual Shoes:
    1. Physical and chemical performance is better than the real leather and the surface effect can be achieved in line with the real leather;
    2. Tear resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength and so on are all beyond real leather, and cold-resistant, acid proof, alkali-resisting, non-fading;
    3. Light weight, soft, good breathability, smooth and good feeling, and tidy and free from wear facets;
    4. Antibacterial, anti-mildew, mothproof, without any harmful substances, very environmental, is the Green Products in the 21st century.
    5. Easy to cut, high utilization rate, easy to clean, no odors.

    6. Eco-friendly.

    7. Cost-efficient.

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