Is synthetic leather safe for skin?

As more people become aware of the impact animal products have on the environment and the ethical concerns surrounding using animal products, synthetic leather has become a popular alternative. But is it safe for our skin?

The short answer is, yes, synthetic leather is safe for your skin. In fact, synthetic leather can be a better option for allergy-prone individuals or those with sensitive skin. Unlike real leather, synthetic leather doesn’t have pores that can trap sweat, oil, and bacteria, which can cause breakouts or irritation.

Synthetic leather is made from a variety of materials including polyurethane (PU), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and polyester. PU leather is the most environmentally friendly option and is generally regarded as being the most comfortable and soft. PVC leather is also widely used, but it’s not as eco-friendly and tends to be less breathable.

One of the benefits of synthetic leather is that it’s easier to take care of than real leather. You don’t have to worry about conditioning it or treating it with special care products. It’s also more durable and resistant to moisture and stains.

In conclusion, synthetic leather is a safe and viable alternative to real leather. It’s environmentally friendly, easy to care for, and a great choice for individuals with sensitive skin. So, whether you’re looking for new shoes or a new handbag, synthetic leather is a great choice that should be considered.