Types of commonly used leather leather products

Is not the same habit for different levels of consumer demand, a variety of useful leather product selection is widespread, species diversity.

According to the origin of the material leather, both function of anti-bending of cortical thickness, high strength, good cow leather, also have light soft, detailed material surface clear, beautiful and comfortable sheep leather, pig leather and good quality and competitive prices.

Classification by using tanning materials, both rare metals like aluminium tanning, chrome tanned leather tanning agent, tanning of leather tanning, tanning oil and plant, as well as various contact tanning;

Leather product maintenance and maintenance, often by classifying all kinds of leather, leather appearance is generally divided into nappa leather, suede, nubuck leather, fur one rotary oil of leather, leather, etc. According to the different polishing materials used, and to subdivide nappa leather aniline leather, half leather and pigments for aniline leather.

Now, let’s discuss some outstanding features of different varieties of leather.

The cow leather features:

The cow leather contains cattle leather, yak leather and buffalo leather.

Cattle leather grain fine, cortical thickness, high intensity, firmness and elasticity is better also, so its beautiful, comfortable and after use. Cattle leather first used for clothing, shoes, bags and ball finished product.

Yak leather grain than cow leather is a bit poor, functions and use other nearby roughly and cow leather.

Buffalo leather looks rough, coarse fiber loose, slightly lower strength than cattle leather, other function and cow leather. Primary used in the manufacture of buffalo leather sofa, bags, are often used in the manufacture of leather shoes.

The characteristics of pig leather:

Pig leather is different from cattle, sheep leather is larger, the primary table now grain rough, fiber, less full and elastic. But the intensity of the pig leather and cow leather, near than sheep leather with high intensity, so by using its products over a long period, poor but beautiful sex.

Pig leather can be used in all kinds of leather products manufacturing.

Sheep leather features:

The sheep leather is divided into a goat leather and sheep leather.

Detailed beautiful goat leather grain, soft function is good, but its poor fastness than cow leather. Goat leather products beautiful and comfortable, but appearance frictional resistance, by using general. Goat first used in high-grade female leather shoes, clothing, leather gloves, women handbag manufacturing, etc.

Sheep leather softer than goat leather function is very good, but the fastness is less than the goat leather. Sheep leather products with more and more beautiful and comfortable to wear, but the function is poor. Sheep leather first used in the manufacture of clothing, gloves, there are also used in the manufacture of high-grade leather shoes and soft package.

Feature of full grain leather:

Full grain leather is to point to save and use the original animal skins as leather (growth of MAO’s side), also called positive leather. Full grain leather appearance without coating and direct use, but most is through beautify the finishing machining.

Full grain leather demand less disability high-grade material, and processing requirement is high also, so the full grain leather is high-grade leather. Because the material intact skin appearance fits on the leather, its fastness function good. Generally speaking, the appearance of full grain leather without coating or coating layer is very thin, so stick to the leather softness and fine permeability. Use real leather grain to express the natural landscape, to make it comfortable and beautiful.

Full grain multi-purpose dyes in their language akeldama, therefore the industry generally to dye as the primary color coating agent of full grain leather call aniline leather (or full aniline leather). This kind of leather dyeing uniformity, grain clarity, don’t use any has the effect to hide the film-forming material coating, leather surface grain completely preserved without concealment. Only a very thin leather surface after polishing colorless lit membrane, can significantly see own grain leather.

All full grain leather used in high-grade leather products. Cleaning and maintenance when this type of leather products, pay attention to adhere to its own personality and feel.

Semi aniline leather:

The material of this kind of leather leather grain surface have some but shallow disability, to hide disability but also preserve the natural grain of leather, choose a few pigments and adhesive composition and dye leather for light spray paint, the composition has a very thin coating of half concealed layer, make the leather surface grain faintly visible.

Polished leather:

Retouching leather is original appearance, some or all get rid of animal skins above apply to artificial membrane pressure grain leather.

Embryo of the leather leather grain more severe disabilities, – that is, the patching and the grinding surface treated after removing some or all of the original animal skins appearance, then in the above apply to artificial membrane or choose colors add adhesive composition will leather surface cover completely, the made a false grain after ironing embossing. Because the original appearance of the leather has ceased to exist, and generation of artificial thin film or coating, and therefore calls leather polishing surface. According to the weight of the grinding surface disposal degree, polishing, polishing and upper leather is divided into light, heavy polishing and surface leather retouching, head layer surface leather, polishing and surface on the second floor leather, etc.

So-called head layer and split leather, refers to the leather in the process of machining, the thicker the animal skin, such as cowhide, horse leather, pigskin, etc., to split into several layers by splitting machine, in order to obtain thickness and can be made more quantity of leather. Animal skins hairy a first layer of leather, and under the first layer which is called progressive split leather, three layers of leather, etc.

Retouching leather appearance of artificial membrane, majority is in all kinds of leather chemical materials (different lewd of pigment and sticky requests) made finishing slurry, after repeatedly finishing and restricting certain markings, so, leather and dye leather polishing surface. Also some retouching leather is moving system in advance good chemical film on leather appearance, this kind of leather is also called the moving film leather or film leather.

Retouching leather due to disability and other compensation in the less material skin appearance defects, perhaps because of the effect of processing method to leather, leather. This leather is a perfection and full grain leather, its biggest flaw is the difference in the water vapor permeability, followed by low fastness. This first because the original appearance of leather has vanished, and generation of artificial thin film or coating, especially the bending resistance and anti-aging functions are greatly reduced. In addition, the use of polishing and surface leather was less than full grain leather. But the polishing surface is artificial leather because of its appearance, water resistance function is better than that of full grain leather, more conducive to cleaning and maintenance.

Retouching leather leather (paint) first used in shoes, bags, belts, wallet, ball items such as manufacturing.

For the advance level of pigment leather, extension breed of design and color, increase the beautiful paint, leather, choose embossing machine or graining machine, to special disposal of leather, leather surface produces a beautiful markings or graining, this kind of pigment leather name embossed leather or rub grain leather.

In the uniform coating, the color on the bottom of the shallow foundation, brush or spray contrast is bigger, the color is darker (such as dark brown or black) color, can be homogeneous, also can be uneven, so that the coating obtained so-called “antique effect”, this kind of pigment leather call archaize leather or double color leather.

The suede features:

Suede refers to the appearance of the wool shaped leather leather. Because use chamois leather produce are suede, therefore, commonly known as the suede (misrepresented that deerskin), now cattle, sheep, pig all can be used to produce suede. Use leather (hairy side) by the positive called the suede made of leather, with leather with surface (meat) by the mill made of leather, called the velvet (also called grinding), using the second skin mill made are called layer suede leather.

Because no film suede leather chemical coating layer, the ventilation function is extremely good, softness is also changed greatly, but its function of waterproof, dustproof and maintenance has become less, not on the surface of the grain is suede fastness become low.

Made of suede leather products, use comfortable, clean function is good, but the suede leather is vulnerable to pollution and difficult to clean, maintenance and maintenance.

Rotary characteristics of integration (also known as fur) leather:

This more as a material of leather garment in their language akeldama, it is will a hairy garment in one animal skin and adhere to the natural wool, the flesh side for garment surface, after dyeing, choose do not have to hide (or conceal) role of finishing materials for light act the role ofing, or choose a special “light” disposal and the present resin coating, make it show the unique style and features. But once the surface grinding loss (such as leather elbow, cuff, mouth, neck, etc), this type of leather product recovery very not easy.

Oil leather features:

Oil of leather, is to choose oil tanning tanning leather. Choose the material of oil tanning leather, is more light and soft suede, suede and leather, etc.

Oil leather has a number of common strengths, soft and delicate, extensibility and good air permeability, water resistance, dry invariance. But when dry clean this type of leather products, because of the dry cleaning solvent degreasing ability is stronger, a bit not careful, that is to constitute a significant color difference. This should be strictly controlled the temperature of the dry cleaning solvent (especially tetrachloroethylene) and relevant operation techniques.

Oil and oil are dark brown leather, appearance, embellish feels strong, with handle gently pull the leather, the color becomes shallow, it is the difference between oil leather brief way. Oil is divided into leather glossy leather, oil suede and nubuck leather, etc.

Oil used in all kinds of high-grade leather leather products manufacturing.

Follow science and technology progress and the development of leather industry, all kinds of leather and imitation leather products springing up. As the habit of cleaning maintenance retouching maintenance the demand of the transaction we will appear the industry over the years all kinds of leather and imitation leather product brief introduction as follows.

(1) the napa leather

Napa is English transliteration of NAPPA, refers to handle more than aniline leather soft NAPPA leather.

(2) the cow the leather

“Cow” were English transliteration of NUBUCK, refers to the grain through the disposal of polishing is suede leather.

(3) the microfiber leather

Choose than superfine fiber non-woven fabrics with high intensity, made from sparse network first, and then do coating. Fiber network like in reinforced cement products, so sometimes see fibrous material. Someone will be on the second floor skin three layers of skin after three or five times coating, embossing or not made of leather or microfiber leather embossing. Other, choose some rubber and plastic materials, thermoforming, embossed, coloured, also some people called the microfiber leather.

(4) of leather

Choose machine spinning objects do knitted fabrics, knitted or non-woven fabrics, spray polyurethane (PU) resin material, so this kind of leather is also called the PU leather. These leather strength, wear resistance, elasticity, softness, air permeability, comfortable, and the stability of the various functions, simulation, etc., were superior to belong to artificial leather, artificial leather, which is widely used.

(5) artificial leather

Choose woven fabric, knitted fabric and non-woven fabric as base cloth, spraying PVC (PE) on its data; Others will increase the adhesive, broken skin head damaged mixing evenly after kneading molding the embossing, selection of resin and dye, this kind of leather is called artificial leather.

(6) method, edge beads, paint

This class is a major corrected grain leather, or choose 2 or three layers of skin, leather coating thicker polyurethane coating. The differences of three kinds of leather is:, by contrast, the brightness of the treasure to be low, paint the highest brightness; Pedal soft case comparison, treasure to be softer, patent leather hard. Regardless of brightness is still soft pedal, opens edge bead are medium. This type of leather used in the manufacture of leather shoes.

(7) brush color leather (double color)

Skin color, background light, its coating on the uneven dark form contrast effect, mask have burnish light wax water coating again. Because the darker color available craft brush or wipe away, so called brush color leather.

(8) burnt leather

Also called wax full grain leather, no coating layer variant of full grain leather. Pedal after dyeing treatment, coating a layer of high temperature change color on the “burning candle”, present different colour.

(9) classical shadow

The so-called classical shadow, namely the use of pedal adsorption ability difference, leather fibre on dye adsorption quantity of water, thus rendering color difference on leather, constitute a shadow effect.

(10) washed skin

Water-washed leather is a new development in recent years to produce a new product, it is the most prominent feature of skin softness and even more than napa leather, dare and textile fiber product. Made of this kind of leather clothing, free and easy, free and easy, fresh personality, personality together. But it should be noted that this kind of product maintenance and maintenance, not only clean and maintenance techniques together, and needs to choose a special leather chemical material, otherwise will seriously affect the clean maintenance function.