PU synthetic leather appearance structure and natural leather approaching step by step

Natural leather because it has excellent natural features have been widely used in the production of daily necessities and industrial products, but with the increase of international personnel, the human need for leather, a limited number of natural leather has not satisfied the need. In order to solve this opposition, the scientists beginning decades ago, the research development of artificial leather, leather, in order to make up for the inadequacy of natural leather. More than 50 years of research history of artificial leather, leather is to the process of natural leather battle. Scientists from the research analyzes the chemical composition of natural leather and arrangement structure start, start from nitrocellulose coating cloth, into the PVC artificial leather, this is the first generation of artificial leather products. On the basis of this, scientists made many improvements and exploration, the first is base material improvements, followed by coating resin modified and improved. In the 1970 s, into the fiber non-woven needle into network, bonded into a network of technology, make the base material with lotus root section, hollow fibrous, arrived in porous structure, and the network structure of natural leather demand; When the composition of the leather surface have been able to do fine celled polyurethane layer structure, the equivalent of natural leather grain, so that the appearance and connotation construction of PU leather and natural leather gradually approached, and other physical properties are approached the goal of natural leather, and the bright color more than natural leather. More than 1 million times its normal folding arrive, folding in low temperature can reach the level of natural leather.