Superfine fiber or will gradually replace the dermis was widely used

In our normal life, a kind of superfine fibre synthetic leather was emerging. The league of nations securities thought, superfine fiber with outstanding environmental protection and excellent physical and chemical functions will gradually take the place of genuine leather, become the future development direction.


Superfine fiber too for wide application


Speaking of synthetic leather, most people are not unfamiliar, it is widely used in clothing, shoes, furniture, decoration and car interior category, is we often come into contact with the things in life. And superfine fiber synthetic leather is artificial leather synthetic leather professional high-end products, with outstanding environmental advantage and function of physical chemistry, near natural leather but the price is lower, the future of microfiber natural leather instead of growth will accelerate.


A reluctant to sign the analyst told reporters that microfiber synthetic leather is also known as “super leather”, strength, cold resistant, wear resistant, leather feeling is very good, and the most near leather, some goals and even better than that of the real leather. At present, follow all day by the level of progress and cost gradually deepening animal skins cannot be completely satisfied with the market demand, microfiber will directly instead of animal skin into various categories, demand will be more and more big.


From historical data can see, China’s amount of the cost of the microfiber is progress year by year. In 2009 China the cost of the superfine fiber volume of about 070.6 million square meters, year-on-year increase of 61.6%. According to the accounting profession association, a year of domestic super fine fiber demand of about 107 million square meters, the market gap of 35 million square meters, 2012 market demand will reach 200 million square meters.


In terms of the structure of cost, superfine fiber downstream demand is relatively extensive, shoe leather, furniture leather and decoration leather is the primary application category, estimates that this year the shoes leather, furniture leather and decoration leather on superfine fiber demand will separation reached 41 million square meters, 21 million square meters and 21 million square meters, year-on-year increase of 19.5%, 16% and 22%.


In fact, with the increasing cost of China’s imports of microfiber is rapidly increased, from 10% in 2005 to advance to 18.9% in 2008, 2009, superfine fiber import dependency directly soared to 41.6%.


Because domestic demand on this kind of high-end synthetic leather accumulate over a long period, many companies have been developed and produced in the past two years, but because of the high technical content, production process is complex, only one of the few domestic leading company in the production. According to the condition of the current output, even leading company continuous expansion, pray too for the situation is still unable to ease.

Research report pointed out that in 2010 China produce microfiber company have no new capacity, domestic super fiber production is not expected to rise sharply, according to the history of 6 million square meters each year in addition to accounting, output in 2010 estimated at the mercy of 40 million square meters, about 100 million square meters, the demand for domestic output will still want to pray too for the situation. The last two years because of the leading company in expansion has not broken, estimates that new capacity is about 20 million square meters, but costs about 120 million square meters of demand, capacity is too much for. And 2011 ~ 2012 superfine fibre in demand shouldn’t supply professional a whole situation.